Shipping and return policies for Xperiment

Shipping Info
Orders will be proceeded as soon as we had received the payment invoice of your purchase (that's an automatic store process when you buy and pay your items)

Orders will be sent at the following day of the payment reception. We can't send packages on weekend or during a spanish national fest because the post office is closed

The packages with 1~4 cd's will be shipped like an ordinary international letter. Packages with 5 cd's (or more) will be shipped like a registered package. We don't take any responsability in non-certificate or non registered orders.

You will receive your order in (aproximately)
• Spain: 2-4 days
• Portugal: 3-5 days
• Europe: 4-10 days
• Outside EU: 12-30 days

If you order more than 5 or more CD's, feel free of send us an E-Mail to if you want to get an ID Number to track your order
Return Policy
We don't accept returns but If we receive a package returned by post office we will send you an e-mail with a picture of the package (you can see the post office stamp into the picture) so, first of all, check that your complete address is correct (on the picture).

We only guarantee a re-shippment for free if we have written your address with a mistake, but not if the mistake is yours. In this situation, we will need your corrected address to send the package again, being a customer's responsability to pay the return shippings. We will re-send your package when we receive the money to pay the new shippment.