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Visions Of Destruction (Special Edition - 3 CD)

by Xperiment

Where Is God 01:10
Infection 04:15
Infection, I know the infection... Infection, I made the infection… Toxic screamings, Are music for me. Blood and suffering, How can I say? Don’t cry, my friend, I know your past, Your life is over, God hates you too. You will die with pain, You will die with suffering, You will die when I want, you will die alone. Close your eyes and don’t forget my face, My poison is a present for you. Remember now the moment when you… Killed your child wrapping him in flames. Fuck you!
Euthanasia 05:10
Euthanasia!, You can’t see with your eyes… Euthanasia!, How much pain is inside. Euthanasia! What’s your game with all that? Euthanasia! I’ll solve your question now… Get pleasure… with this crime! I will be your killer, I will be your gravedigger.
This Is War 04:26
One word can change the world, My voice is clear… The moon cries behind the fog, While people fight for nothing. A voice is screaming: Please help me!, please help me! Only guns and many shoots, Answer his calling. This is war! The future is not here, You write your destiny, United people can destroy the system! One word can change the world, My voice is clear… The sun hid between the shades, While people break his dreams. A flag of blood and pain, Makes us be nothing… No winners, no losers… Deception!, destruction! This is war!
Sientes que tienes el poder, Y piensas que ella te pertenece, Mientes a tus mentiras, Pero sabes cual es tu salida. Sientes que tienes que cambiar, Y tu mente parece no ayudar, Pierdes tus ganas de vivir, Pero solo, no quieres morir. Gritos, desolación… Miradas que matan a su observador. Sangre y destrucción, Ya no hay salida, matar es tu obsesión. Sientes un profundo placer, Cuando piensas en cómo la golpeaste, Culpable, ese es tu nombre, Y sabes cual será tu suerte. Corres como un ser cobarde, Y a tus miedos temes enfrentarte, Demente… pídele a tus sueños Que de tu próxima muerte ellos te despierten.
Power... Is the only thing that you desire. Glory... All your dreams are false like you. This world is so cruel, Whatever you do is rewarded with pain. This world is so rebel, If you play his game you will die with the other sheeps. This will be the end of an era... This will be the end of your era... Look around you, Make your questions... Look at the people’s eyes. Empty faces, Reflect the future, Of this reality.
Bloodgame 05:32
Try to escape from this world, You’re on my screen alone. Why do you want your weapons now? If there is nobody to shoot. Try to escape from this world, You’re on my screen alone. Why do you want your fucking life now? If there is nobody to love. Bloodgame... I want to show your end. Oh god!, Bloodgame... Your blood on the floor... I’m now the player. Do you remember me? Do you believe in me?
Yo lo siento por ti, Pero no hay más que hacer, Tu trabajo aquí terminó. No queda capital Que evite golpear Esta fila de dominó. Mi dominio representa Un suicidio colectivo Seréis sustituidos Por máquinas sin sentido Que levantarán imperios Para darme lo que es mío. ¡Seréis sustituidos! No tengo compasión, Con el trabajador, Mi ostentación es primordial. No pido tu perdón, Pues soy tu superior, Aquí en mi mundo mando yo.
Don't look for out anything Because you have a soul. A voice into your head is screaming 'Please don't let you go!' Don't waste time in anything Because you have a gun. The words are bombs who can destroy The minds of all mankind. Inside the flesh! Inside you will find the answer! Inside the flesh! Inside you will find the way! Don't try to become someone Who helps for interest. Can your sick eyes See the frontier of all reality? The only way to trascend is a path Through your fears and a pain inside, Close your hands, open the door, Inside you will find the master.
I would like to write a book With pictures of the present days... The fucking rage is crossing my brain... Pandora’s box is opened again. All the misfortunes have a disguise, To combat in the real life. They think that we are clowns... Pieces of flesh without any thought. Visions of destruction! Visions of the real life! The story goes that a prince defeated to the dragon at the top of a hillside. This prince fought and risked his life... To obtain the wished freedom. I would like to write a book With pictures of the future days... The magic of the past is a lightning in your head... A mirror who reflects the pain.
Raíces 03:00
Cuando la vida desafíe a tu mente Creerás que estás perdido. Cerrar los ojos aleja el camino... Te sentirás rendido. ¡Quimeras... liberan tu ser! ¡Quimeras... destierran tu fé! ¡Quimeras... que juegan a ser Las raíces del ayer! Cuando el silencio despliegue sus alas Todo será diferente. El caos a través de la nada se extiende Y el mundo se desvanece.
Crucificar su vida, no fue un error, Digno de mención. Nadie le estaba esperando... Al otro lado. Sus lágrimas fueron un consuelo, Derretidas en su deseo De abandonar la vida, De encontrar una salida. ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre Dios y asesino?, El Dios te da la vida... Y el asesino la quita. Maldecido de su efímero embrujo, Hipnotizado y sin saber qué hacer, Pasaba el tiempo recorriendo las calles, Deambulando hasta el amanecer Maravillado quedó su destino Cuando le encontré. Sacó un cuchillo y dijo... ¡Mátame!


Bonus items: 4 Wallpapers + Original Cover

Physical edition with extra CD, stickers, notebook, signed picture and magnet is SOLD OUT!


released December 31, 2012

Music: Xperiment
Lyrics: Ashes


all rights reserved



Xperiment Madrid, Spain

Xperiment is a Harsh Electro / Aggrotech / Industrial project from Madrid (Spain). The sound is a mix of several music styles combined with a dark electro influence in order to give a new point of diversity

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